Wednesday July 27, 2016
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Teaching Philosophy

It is my goal to provide students with the information, techniques, and skills they need to improve their golf performance and their enjoyment of the game. Instructing, teaching, and coaching to provide excellence in golf instruction is my passion and commitment to every student. Improving the student as a golfer, and not just their golf swing is the overall goal. To do this, you must understand what the student's goals and commitments are. Striving to make the student a better player and to shoot lower scores is where I go beyond instruction, and coach my students on the importance of all facets of the game.  This means involving areas such as wedge play, putting, and on-course instruction in my programs to help improve the students' games.

It is my belief that the club face determines most of what will happen within the rest of the swing. Getting the club to swing properly and in the right direction is difficult to achieve with a poor club face position.  I believe that when the club face is open or in a weak position at the top, the result will only be incorrect sequencing to get the club back to a manageable position at impact. This is a common cause for casting, over the top, or breaking down of the lead arm at impact.  Find your club in a stronger position at the top and you will begin to see lag, more inside out path, and a proper release.

To get technical, I fully believe that success in the golf swing and ball striking comes down to something as simple as ball flight, and the understanding of these "NEW" laws. Laws that are now validated with precision technology such as Trackman.  This system leaves no guessing and allows me to quickly identify the students' most glaring problem while simplifying the area of focus for the student. Within these laws will describe more technical areas such as a players' club face, club path, and angle of attack.  An understanding and correcting of these integral parts to achieve the desired ball flight is the key to constructive learning and improvement. This awareness allows the body to be "free-er” in the golf swing and accommodate the position of the club, not the other way around. This keeps the golf swing simple, and allows for proper sequencing and more natural athleticism to take over.

In closing, there is no method to golf instruction, each individual case brings its own personality, and working with the student to fulfill their needs is the recipe to making them better golfers.  Therefore, I am not just a teacher and instructor, but also a coach and motivator.

where to find jason:
Jason is the Director of Instruction at the beautiful Mirabel Club in Scottsdale, Arizona. Address information is below.
Mirabel 37100 N. Mirabel Club Drive | Scottsdale, AZ 85262
Phone: 480-437-1500