Thursday July 28, 2016
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Why You Can't CHIP

Everyday I give a lesson where the basic fundamentals of chipping are a struggle. We do so well hitting two great shots to get us up around a long par 4 in two, and then we play tennis back in forth across the green until we finally pick up in frustration. Which then promptly leads [...]


Consistency is Over-Rated

As an instructor, every day I am encountered with the request, “I want to be more consistent.” And while we would all love to shoot a range of scores that is of a little less variance, the reality is that the best players in the world are not that consistent themselves!  Golf is a very difficult game that will give us spurts of good play and more frequently,  [...]


The Longest Walk in Golf

It was once said that the longest walk in golf is from the practice tee to the first tee.  While this is clearly being used as a metaphor for the difficulties of taking our practice range game to the course, there is some truth to it and some reasons why.  On the driving range, we often lash   [...]


Speed is the Key

I am often asked how people can improve their speed on the greens.  The simple answer is practice.  As with anything else, the more times we do something, the better feel we will have for doing it.  The best players in the world do not 3 putt very often because they are constantly working on their    [...]



Using the Ground as Leverage

Tiger’s victory at the Arnold Palmer Invitational this past week put him back to #1 in the world surpassing Rory McIlroy’s stint as the best player in the world.  Watching his recent great play, it reminded me of a few things:  [...]


Lower Your Scores

As we approach the heart of the season, it is now time to focus in on shooting lower scores.  When my students discuss their rounds to me I often find that there is a complete neglect on how many putts they have.  They reference how they hit the ball and how many good holes they have before discussing how  [...]


Hit Down on Your Pitches

One of the most common mistakes I will see as an instructor on any shot is the “topped” shot.  However, this is especially ordinary on chipping and pitching, and while there are many things that can cause the club to raise up and strike a shot on the top of the ball in a full swing, the list is much less for short shots around the green.  To hit a chip or pitch shot properly the club must  [...]

Wedge it Close

At the 2012 Transition’s Championship on the PGA Tour we saw the resurgence of Luke Donald regain his #1 world ranking from Rory McIlroy by winning a 4 man playoff.   In  the technological era of titanium metals, 460cc sized club heads, and superlight weight shafts, where bombing the ball as far as you can without a care as to where it actually goes is the norm; the #1 player in the world quietly goes about his business [...]

Want More Distance?

As the age of technology in golf continues to evolve, the way in which we approach different shots needs to as well. The one club that may have evolved more than any other is the driver. The days of hitting that low boring flight that runs forever are over. Now technology wants us to launch it high and carry it far since the golf ball doesn’t spin near as much as it used to. To do this and launch it properly with the driver we [...]

The Myth of the Straight Stroke

One of the great debates in golf is whether the putter should swing on an arc or a straight line. And not only which path is better, but the easiest and most consistent to replicate. Swinging the putter on an arc has the stigma of being a difficult stroke to replicate and a stroke that relies much on timing. It seems logical that the best way to swing the putter would be to keep the face from rotating [...]

Practice With a Purpose

As an instructor I am very aware of people's practice habits and their rapidly meaningless raking of one ball after another to desperately find a rhythm. Everyone’s attempting to get better with no apparent plan to do so. However, we are all guilty of it, including myself. Therefore, here's a plan to help all of us avoid the monotony of practicing: Set goals for your practice sessions. I’d rather [...]




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